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Physical Abuse in a Nursing Home

Physical abuse occurs in many ways. It can involve the use of physical force by a nurse, aid or volunteer who was wrongly hired, poorly trained, or supervised, It may include extremes of punishment, like forcing your loved one to stay isolated in his or her room, deprivation of food or water, or sexual abuse. Nursing home staff may overuse physical or chemical restraints for their own convenience, causing deaths from medication overdose or broken bones from falls. These types of abuse must not be tolerated.

Abuse may also be hitting, biting or kicking from a fellow resident who was not properly supervised or restrained from causing harm.

Signs of Possible Physical Abuse

Many nursing home residents have a difficult time communicating. This is especially true for elders who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. This makes it difficult to distinguish between the results of physical abuse, and injuries that may occur due to the fragile condition of the senior citizen.

Family members should make frequent visits and pay careful attention to their loved one’s condition. On such visits, look for physical signs of abuse such as unexplained bruising or tender areas, cuts, open wounds or broken bones.

Note changes in your loved one’s demeanor. If he or she appears withdrawn, fearful of staff, anxious, or depressed, that behavior could be a sign that physical abuse has taken place.

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